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Welcome to Geary Lane

Toronto’s newest hub for culture and creativity. Nestled away on a seemingly industrial stretch of Geary Avenue at Dufferin & Dupont, the Geary Lane studio is centrally located in an area of the city that is ripe with creative drive and youthful energy.

Housed in a 3000 square foot professional film studio and former recording studio, Geary Lane is a multi-purpose space that can magically transform to suit the needs of your creative projects. Whether you are looking for a state of the art location to shoot film or photography projects, a comfortable and accommodating space for intimate music or theatre rehearsals, or to educate the community through workshops or screenings, Geary Lane is the ideal space to let your creative ideas run wild.

Home to the much beloved Toronto centric drum collective, Samba Squad and with concerts curated by Man Finds Fire, Geary Lane is poised to become the choice destination for art forms both great and small on Torontoʼs West side.

The community oriented team at Geary Lane understands and supports the concept of working together for the common good and are aiming to build a strong bond with a diverse community of local and international creatives.