A resource you might find helpful while visiting Geary Lane.


Recommended Suppliers

Samba Squad, Rick Lazar
Hands-on drumming workshops for adults and performances.

Samba Kidz, Gili Zemer
Hands-on drumming workshops for kids and youth and performances.

Avital Zemer
Photography services

MAN FINDS FIRE, Jason Pollard & Justin Adam
Music Curation & Promotion

Groove Moves, Rob Ball
Audio/Visual, Backline and Cartage company

Theatrix Costume House, Gina Anki
165 Geary Ave. 416-977-3113
A one-stop costume shop – custom made costumes, costume rentals, retail, makeup workshops, wig styling and event consultation.

Liaison of Independent Flimmakers of Toronto (LIFT)
1137 Dupont St. just east of Dufferin. 416-588-6444
Artist run charity facilitating excellence in the moving image through media arts education and production resources.

AO Electrical, Ouri Lifshits
licensed electrician, knows the studio well.
(416) 936-9532


Rush Hour
1438 Dufferin St. 416-533-4687.
Fancy restaurant with amazing food and decent patio in the summer

Morning Star
310 Geary Ave @ Lightbourne. 416-531-2214.
Hard to get people who speak English but the food is home cooked, delicious and Portuguese. Good Lunch spot and closest to the studio. There’s no menu, you just order what mamma makes that day‚Ķ.literally!

Nova Era
200 Geary Ave. 416 538-8200
Portuguese bakery that also does deli style lunch. Quick, cheap and pretty good!

Meta Dos Leitoes
218 Geary Ave. 416-516-8119
Another good Portuguese restaurant, good BBQ chicken for lunch. They’re a bit slow but worth the wait.

Picea 997
997 Dupont St. @ Dovercourt. 416-538-4897
Naples style pizza that has good atmosphere.

Gem Bar & Grill
1159 Davenport Rd. 416-654-1182
Hole in the wall, food isn’t great but vide and beers are cheap! Nice patio in summer

942 Bloor St. near Dovercourt. 416-537-2772
Good home cooked portuguese food, amazing chicken!! and sole fish sandwich, cheap. Don’t forget the hot sauce! Lunch/Dinner

De Sotos
1079 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-651-2109.
A bit far on St. Clair but good beers, patio and great pub food.

Universal Grill
1071 Shaw St. at Dupont St. 416-588-5928.
Amazing brunch on weekends, delicious dinner, upscale diner vibe


The Sovereign
1359 Davenport Ave. (just east of Dufferin)
Great coffee and snacks!!

672 Dupont St. at Christie
Good coffee, lunch & dinner, average prices

Cafe Con Leche Espresso Bar
1571 Dupont near Symington. 647-746-3322.
Great latte with Nutella.

657 Dupont at Christie

Hardware and related stores

New Canadian Lumber
804 Dupont St. at Shaw st. 416-531-2401
reat hardware store for most of your hardware needs

Jomar Electrical Co. Ltd
777 St. Clarens Ave. @ Dupont. 416-536-2194
High quality electrical products


Galleria Mall at Dufferin & Dupont

840 Dupont St. at Ossington

650 Dupont St. at Christie

No Frills
900 Dufferin St. in Dufferin Mall. 416-534-9965

Gas Stations

1292 Dupont St. @ Emerson Ave. 416-588-5557

840 Dupont St. @ Ossington Ave. 416-531-8375


Galleria Mall
Dupont & Dufferin
TD Bank, LCBO, Feshco, Dollarama, Pet Store, Pharma Plus with a post office, not a good food court

Dufferin Mall
900 Dufferin St. 416-532-1152
BMO, Walmart, No Frills, Toys R’ Us, Tim Hortons’, Dollarama, lots of shoes, clothing & accessories stores (Aldo, H&M, Le Chateau, Sirens, Tip Top Tailor), David’s Tea, Rogers, Black’s, The Beer Store, decent food court, etc.

800 Lansdowne Ave. @ Dupont St.

Long & Mcquade
925 Bloor St W. (416) 588-7886
Music store & rentals

The Beer Store
323 Symington Ave. @ Dupont St. 416-536-4852.

Wallace Community Centre
1260 Dufferin St. @ Dupont. 416-392-0039
Public Pool, skating rink, other amenities.

Dufferin Grove Park
875 Dufferin St. south of Bloor St. 416-392-1111
Amazing park, wood oven, fire pits, great for kids & families in the summer, farmer’s market, skating rink, basketball courts


Perth/Dupont Library
1589 Dupont St. near Perth Ave. 416-393-7677

Davenport/Shaw Library
1246 Shaw St. @ Davenport Rd. 416-393-7732